Communion of Saints

The communion of saints is described as the living communion which exists between us and our brothers and sisters who are in the glory of heaven or who are yet being purified after their death.

This division of the Church into three distinct groups such as, the Church Militant, Triumphant and Suffering is an expression of the totality of souls making up the Church under the salvific mission that is hers from Christ.  This then identifies the one Body of Christ.

The Church Militant is made up of the living members of the Body of Christ who are actively working out their salvation with faith, love and hope, virtues given by the sacraments and the teachings of the Church.

The Church Triumphant consists of the known souls in heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints and all who are united with Christ.

The Church Suffering is that group who have died in grace and whose souls are being purged in purgatory.  We state our belief in the communion of saints in the Profession of Faith. (6:32)