Items Used At Mass

Book of the Gospel—contains only the Gospel readings; used on solemn occasions and is carried by the deacon, or in his absence, the reader.

Chalice (CHAL-is)—the large cup used to hold the wine that becomes the Blood of Christ.

Ciborium (si-BORE-ee-um) —a vessel used to hold the Hosts which will be used for communion; some are cup-like and others are bowl- or plate like; they are also used to reserve the Sacrament in the tabernacle.

Communion Cups—chalice-like vessels used at communion when the people receive from the cup; they are kept on the Credence Table and brought to the Altar at communion time.

Decanter or Flagon (FLAG-un) —the bottle- or pitcher-like vessel used to hold the wine which will be consecrated at Mass for the communion; it is brought forth with the gifts.

Hymnal/Missalette—contains all parts of the Mass for a specific season in the liturgical year, including instructions on when to stand, sit, or kneel.

Lectionary—contains the scripture readings for Mass.

Paten (PAT-en) —a saucer-like disk that holds the bread that becomes the Body of Christ.

Purificator—a white cloth used to cleanse the chalice.

Roman Missal—contains the opening prayer, prayer over the gifts, prayer after communion, and solemn blessings, Eucharistic prayers and prefaces for all of the Masses, including special occasions.  (8:48)