Occasion of Sin

An occasion of sin may be a person, place, or thing that offers one the opportunity, inducement, or enticement to sin.  Occasion also involves the internal or subjective inclination to sin.

The occasion may be proximate, that is, when it is such that it almost always results in sin.  This proximate occasion may be free, that is, easily avoidable; or necessary, that is, avoidable only with difficulty, if at all.

It is always, the “better part of valor” to avoid the occasions of sin, even when this means difficulty, for sin has not only a spiritual debilitating effect, but psychologically and physically it has a cumulative effect.

Everyone of common sense knows that to repeatedly be imprudent through, say, the use of drugs, will cause one to become psychologically and physiologically harmed.

Death is the result of sin, not only physical death but the spiritual death that separates the individual from God.  Thus, in the death of Christ and in His resurrection, our death, judgment and resurrection are included.

In Christ and through Him the spiritual death of humankind is done away with, and the person will have life everlasting in the love of God. (8:26)