This is God’s attribute of knowing all things simply and absolutely.

The doctrine of Providence implies omniscience, for God, in ruling and directing all things to His own glory, must know all things, even the most secret, and He must know them now rather than as a sequence.

According to the Scriptures, the scope of God’s knowledge is unlimited.  It is in the first place a creative and redemptive wisdom.  In wisdom, He brings all things into existence and orders the universe according to an intelligent and intelligible plan.  In wisdom, He restores all things through Christ, Who reveals and accomplishes the divine plan of salvation.

It follows that God’s knowledge embraces everything in the world and penetrates into every human heart.  What in the universe could escape the knowledge of the One Who creates, sustains and restores it?  For God’s knowledge of all things is not an addition to His knowledge of Himself.  He knows all thing as their creator and conserver, and thus He knows them in Himself.

While creaturely knowledge is acquired and sequential, God’s knowledge is simultaneous and absolute.  God timelessly knows what has happened, what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

But He knows these events for what they are, in their very causes.  For this reason, His knowledge of future free actions of human beings does not destroy their freedom.

His eternal knowledge does not impose necessity or determination on all future contingent events.  He knows these future actions for what they are, precisely as freely performed actions. (8:45)