Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday occurs as the Sunday feast before Easter.  This day is also called Passion Sunday.

On this Sunday palm leaves are blessed and carried in a procession that follows the blessing ceremony.  The liturgy recalls the entry of Christ into Jerusalem to accomplish his Paschal Mystery.

The Gospel for the day’s liturgy is the account of the Passion taken from the synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark or Luke coinciding with the yearly cycle.

Holy Week precedes the feast of Easter beginning with Palm Sunday.  Holy Week is ordered to the commemoration of Christ’s Passion beginning with his Messianic entrance into Jerusalem.

The days of Holy Week, from Monday to Thursday, inclusive, have precedence over all other celebrations as the Passion of the Lord dominates these solemn days.

It is not fitting, except in the danger of death, that baptisms or confirmations be celebrated on these days since they have their natural place in the Easter Vigil.

During the days of Holy Week, you may see the crucifix hidden from sight, and if not removed, draped with a violet or red cloth. (9:19)