Communication and Marketing

Our parish community will cultivate dialogue and effective communication/marketing within our parish, school, and surrounding communities using appropriate tools and technology.

Goal #1:         Parish Focus


–  To effectively disseminate information to appropriate segments of our parish (examples:  clergy, ministries, parents, RE groups, etc)
–  To better acknowledge the work of the all of our parishioners
–  To foster greater communication and collaboration among ministries through joint meetings or events to build fellowship and raise awareness of various ministries
–  To develop and implement a marketing plan
–  To establish a Marketing/Publicity Committee
–  To create a communication plan to inform and educate community members about our parish vision and goals

Goal #2:         Assumption School Focus

We will continue and improve the communication and marketing to broaden its reach throughout the community.


–  To share school events and activities with our parish at large
–  To develop and implement a marketing plan

  • Action Statements
    • Share our Catholic identity, culture, and successes
    • Invite others in to visit and explore our school
    • Raise awareness of the benefits and blessings of a Catholic education

–  To continue to market the school to our parish and surrounding communities through current and new avenues

Goal #3:         Surrounding Communities/General Public Focus


–  To develop and implement a marketing plan promoting our parish
–  To advertise upcoming events and activities of our parish