Faith Formation and Education

Our parish community will be centered on the teachings of Christ and the application of those teachings in our lives. 

Goal #1:         Catechesis

We will inspire a better understanding of our Catholic identity and culture among all of our parishioners. Objectives –  To educate parishioners about preparation for Mass, and active participation and appropriate conduct during Mass –  To publicize available programs using parish bulletins and newsletters –  To map out paths to life-long learning for all parishioners using best practices –  To educate parishioners about prayer, scripture reading, and Catholic traditions –  To conduct ongoing needs assessment for additional catechetical instruction or programs

Goal #2:         Supporting the Faith Formation of the Domestic Church

We will raise awareness of the Domestic Church by centering our faith formation programs on the family. Objectives –  To provide family spirituality activities that encourage prayer and devotion in the home –  To connect families with school age children to parish’s school and RE program –  To encourage parents of school age children to attend mass and faith formation programs

Goal #3:         Ministry to High School and College Students [/symple_box]

We will support high school and college students to continue their faith through participating in worship and ministry. Objectives –  To involve young adults in the life of the Church and provide opportunities for continuing faith development

  • Action Statements
    • Bless students going away to school
    • Welcome students back home on holiday breaks

–  To develop a communication plan

  • Action Statements
    • Communicate with students through the use of social media outlets
    • Send care packages to temporarily relocated parishioners
    • Provide information on Churches and the Newman Center in particular local colleges
    • Post timely spiritual readings and devotions within the social media outlets

–  To continue interactions with the students coming from the various cities within our parish

Goal #4:         Vocations

We will encourage and support vocations to the ordained ministry and religious life. Objectives –  To incorporate the promotion and support of religious vocations among our parish families –  To continue Vocations’ Committee activities

Goal #5:         Service and Faith Groups

We will increase awareness of existing small service and faith groups. Objectives –  To continue to communicate opportunities to all parishioners and invite their participation

  • Action Statements
    • List existing groups and outline how to join in
    • Use bulletin announcements and inserts
    • Encourage Small Christian Community participation

Goal #6:         Retreat Programs

We will provide opportunities for retreat programs at Assumption or elsewhere which will lead parishioners to deeper spirituality. Objectives –  To identify retreat programs that could meet the needs of different groups of parish members –  To undertake a program of retreats to help parishioners to experience their faith at a deeper level in our parish community –  To promote retreats, missions, and other activities outside of our parish

Goal #7:         Develop Spirituality for Students

We will foster religious formation and focused Catholic faith instruction to instill in our youth a lifelong commitment to act out their faith in the world. Objectives –  To continue to instill the charisms of living a Christian lifestyle into the youth –  To continue to attend weekly Mass, learning about saints, Rosary, service hours, acts of charity –  To continue to assess and evaluate our students knowledge and practice –  To follow Diocesan curriculum guidelines

  • Action Statements
    • Continued use of approved texts
    • Meet Diocesan standards and benchmarks