Our parish community will foster a responsible management of our God-given resources of time, talent and treasure, while living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered.

Goal #1:         Financial Contributions
We will encourage financial contributions at a level that maintains our parish’s long-range financial plan.


–  To increase the number of parishioners who actively tithe
–  To monitor and improve contributions through greater financial participation and increase giving
–  To develop programs to generate greater interest in supporting our parish

  • Action Statements
    • Promote AssumptionChurch Foundation
    • Promote Masses for the Deceased
    • Promote AssumptionSchool Tuition Assistance (EASE) Fund
    • Promote Fr. Eugene R. Koch Scholarship Fund
    • Promote El Salvador Sister-parish Scholarship Fund
    • Promote BeaverCatholicCemetery
    • Promote fundraising events

–  To disseminate quarterly communications on parish needs and distribution of funds

Goal #2:         Active Parish Membership
We will foster a culture of growth in active parish membership


–  To examine changing demographics and its effects within our parish community

  • Action Statements
    • Conduct a demographic study
    • Continue to track and analyze attendance trends

Goal #3:         Ministry Participation
We will foster a culture of commitment and broad-based participation in ministries and organizations, inspiring parishioners to share their specific talents with the community.


–  Continue to communicate and offer year-round stewardship opportunities
–  To research best practices for increasing involvement and developing effective leadership
–  To develop more effective ways to encourage volunteerism
–  To inspire participation in ministry and retention of volunteers in the life of our parish

Goal #4:         Assumption School Finance
We will fund a budget that will maintain and grow our institution of Catholic Education


–  To maintain a parish subsidy for the school

  • Action Statements
    • Increase student enrollment that maximizes classroom capacity
    • Adjust tuition to offset cost of staff salary increases

–  To implement an Assumption Catholic School Foundation

  • Action Statements
    • Create the legal entity
    • Define the rules and regulations for using the funding

–  To increase funding of student tuition assistance

  • Action Statements
    • EASE
    • Tuition Angels